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For over 100 years the O'Hara Corporation has operated fishing vessels across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Starting in Massachusetts, Francis J. O'Hara began building his sailing feet in 1903; after four generations, the process continues. Our fishing vessels can set seine net off the Coast of Maine for herring, participate in the scallop fishery out of New Bedford, Massachusetts and catch, process, and freeze flatfish, cod, and pollock in Alaska.

The heart of O’Hara Corporation surrounds the catcher processor vessels out of Seattle, Washington. Learn more about us by exploring our employment, products, and fleet pages.

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For over 110 years, O’Hara Corporation has withstood the test of time operating fishing vessels across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Francis J. O’Hara began building his sailing fleet in 1903 starting in Boston, Massachusetts; after four generations, the process continues. From setting a seine net off the Coast of Maine for herring, participating in the scallop fishery out of New Bedford, Mass, fish processing operations in China, operating factory processing boats in the Pacific Northwest, and even a marina in Maine, O’Hara has diversified into a multinational family business.

The heart of O’Hara Corporation surrounds our catcher processor vessels fishing in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska. Our vessels catch flounders, Atka mackerel, Pacific Ocean perch, cod, pollock, among others. With a current home port of Seattle, Washington, the Araho (194’/59m), Alaska Spirit (204’/62m), Constellation (165’/50m), Defender (120’/37m) and her sister ship Enterprise (120’/37m) catch, process, and freeze their catch at sea. Our flagship vessel, Araho, is the newest addition to the Alaska groundfish fleet. Our five fishing vessels operate in one of the most sustainable fishing industries in the world. O’Hara Corporation will continue to strive for the best quality groundfish product we can offer our worldwide customers.

Maine is still the roots for the O’Hara Corporation. In Rockland, we have diversified into a full-service marina, operating a 50 Ton lift, the largest inside storage complex in the state, a boat hauling operation, and year round marine service. Our Rockland Maine facility, where the main office and marina is located, has state of the art office space for rent along the waterfront to tie in with the growth of Main Street’s galleries, restaurants, and shops.

Penobscot Bay, the lobster capital of the world, offers a thriving fishing industry. O’Hara Corporation operates two herring vessels that catch and deliver fresh herring to ports around New England for local lobstermen to use at bait. O’Hara Corporation processes much of this fresh herring ourselves for use on the local lobster boats. Fresh or frozen, the O’Hara Bait division has numerous types of product including herring, rockfish, red fish, carp, orange roughy, catfish, mackerel to name a few.

O’Hara Corporation is the co-owner of Eastern Fisheries, owner of one of the world’s largest scallop fleets. O’Hara Corporation owns eleven out of the twenty-four boats in the Eastern Fisheries family. The scallops are caught off the east coast U.S.A. and landed in New Bedford, MA. The operation of Eastern Fisheries doesn’t end at sea, but continues by processing scallop product at their facility in New Bedford. The final product will end up on the plates of satisfied customers all over the world.

Timeline of O'Hara Corporation

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