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For over 100 years the O'Hara Corporation has operated fishing vessels across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Starting in Massachusetts, Francis J. O'Hara began building his sailing feet in 1903; after four generations, the process continues. Our fishing vessels can set seine net off the Coast of Maine for herring, participate in the scallop fishery out of New Bedford, Massachusetts and catch, process, and freeze flatfish, cod, and pollock in Alaska.

The heart of O’Hara Corporation surrounds the catcher processor vessels out of Seattle, Washington. Learn more about us by exploring our employment, products, and fleet pages.

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The O’Hara Fleet

The O’Hara fishing fleet has evolved many times over since our founding in 1907. The first fishing vessel the O’Hara family built was the Francis J. O’Hara. She was named for his our founder, by his father and completed in 1904. She was a 104’ wooden sailing schooner which carried small dory’s. The dory’s would depart from the mother ship and hand line for cod, pollock, and flounders out of Boston, Massachusetts. The next evolution was to wooden and steel side trawlers in the 1930’s.

Working up to a fleet of 17 vessels, O’Hara was once one of the largest fishing companies in the country. O’Hara sold 13 of 17 of these vessels to the US government for the WWII war effort reducing catching capacity significantly. Remaining with side trawlers for over 40 years and with dozens of boats built, O’Hara’s next step was to steel stern trawlers. Building back up to 7 stern trawlers fishing out of Rockland, Maine, the fishery declined and boats were once again sold. O’Hara held on to the Constellation, Defender, and Enterprise who made the long trip to Alaska where they are still fishing today. These vessels have made up the heart and core business of O’Hara Corporation for over 30 years.

With the addition of our newly constructed flagship vessel Araho, and the recently acquired Alaska Spirit, O’Hara again has one of the largest fleets and catching capacity in our fishery.


O’Hara Corporation Purchases FCA Quotas and Vessel

Today, O’Hara Corporation purchased over half the quota shares and also the catcher processor vessel Alaska Spirit from the Fishing Company of Alaska (FCA). Ocean Peace Inc. of Seattle will purchase the remaining shares along with the catcher processor vessels Alaska Warrior and Alaska Victory. “We could not be any happier for our company, all…

Newest Catcher Processer Araho in Route to Alaska

Our newest catcher processor Araho, is completed and making her way to Seattle. Constructed at Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City, Florida, Araho made a safe transit through the Panama Canal is now making her way up the Mexican coast. She will arrive in Seattle February 20th where she will receive additions to her fish processing…

F/V Orion Joins O’Hara Corporation’s Scallop Fleet

F/V Orion, our newest scallop vessel was launched at Duckworth Shipbuilding in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Like many O’Hara scallop vessels, Orion was named after a constellation. She features a bulbous bow just below the waterline which allows her to move through the water more efficiently, saving fuel. She will join the team at Eastern Fisheries,…

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