O'Hara Corporation

For over 100 years the O'Hara Corporation has operated fishing vessels across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Starting in Massachusetts, Francis J. O'Hara began building his sailing feet in 1903; after four generations, the process continues. Our fishing vessels can set seine net off the Coast of Maine for herring, participate in the scallop fishery out of New Bedford, Massachusetts and catch, process, and freeze flatfish, cod, and pollock in Alaska.

The heart of O’Hara Corporation surrounds the catcher processor vessels out of Seattle, Washington. Learn more about us by exploring our employment, products, and fleet pages.

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Email: info@oharacorporation.com
Toll-free: 800-721-7238
Phone: 207-594-4444

Alaska Fishing Jobs & Employment

800-721-7238 info@oharacorporation.com
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Corporate, Vessel Management, & Payroll
7am – 5pm Eastern

120 Tillson Ave, Suite #1
Rockland, ME, 04841
(p) 207-594-4444

Employment, HR, & Vessel Support
8am – 5pm Pacific

4315 11th Ave NW
Seattle, WA, 98107
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8am – 5pm Pacific

2292 W. Commodore Way
Suite 210
Seattle, WA 98199 USA
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